Everyday food producers exert remarkable control over our lives and the world around us. Most of the time we think only of the nutritional components of food. But the impact of these companies goes far beyond diet. DataBodega aims to extend the nutrition label on food to include valuable information to help make informed purchases.

Please let us know what sort of information you would like to see about food companies as you shop for groceries.

Check back in the future for more information on the progress of DataBodega.

Please help us by answering these 9 questions.

1. What social issues concern you?
Labor issues
Marketing, especially to children
Gender issues
Agricultural practices
Genetically modified food
Size of company
List others
Political contributions

2. What concerns do you have when buying food?

3. Would you consider buying a different food product based on information about social issues?

4. How would you like to view issues?
View all issues
View only issues that interest you

5. What sort of information would be helpful in making more socially informed decisions about your food purchases?
Short summary of company`s record on each issue
List of specific complaints about company
Rating indicating the number of complaints regarding an issue the company has garnered

6. To help make your decision, how would you like to see information presented on your cellphone or PDA while you are shopping?
Information only on the specific product
Comparison with similar products

7. How would you like to compare products?
A list of similar products and their respective social issues
Products on a spectrum

8. How would you like to search for products?
By specific product (i.e. Campbell's tomato soup)?
By type of product (i.e. tomato soup?

9. What else would you like to see on a social 'nutrition' label for food products?

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Thank you for your participation.